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How Will Using Humor Benefit Me and My Clients?

Why Use Humor, Creativity, and Theater-Based Techniques in Healthcare?

Benefits for the provider:

  • Alleviate stress
  • Gives you more confidence in your practice
  • Helps to dive deeper into the healing work
  • Connect with clients more authentically

Benefits for your clients

  • They will feel empowered
  • This will help speed the healing process
  • They will heal faster
  • Allows them to retell their story in a way that supports & rebuilds their confidence

Are You a Health Care Provider Who Needs a New Way to Cope?

Welcome to Funny Shrink University!

Founded by a stand-up comedian, who is also a licensed clinical social worker, the mission of Funny Shrink University is to provide healthcare workers with a robust training that educates, entertains and enlightens. 

Victor Borge says, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” We, at the Funny Shrink University, believe in that pillar wholeheartedly. Our vision is to provide healthcare workers with the tools to lead them to a more resilient life, reframe their thinking and find their joy. 

The classes will provide Continuing Education Units to healthcare providers to help support you by teaching how to bring laughter back into serious situations, making the transition to wellness easier to accept for yourself and your clients. 

Funny Shrink University is brought to you by the letters C, E and U. Sit back. Get ready to laugh and learn!


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our vision & mission

Using Humor to Heal the World

Our mission is to provide healthcare workers with robust training that educates, entertains, and enlightens.

Our vision is to provide healthcare workers with the tools to lead more resilient lives, reframe their thinking, and find joy. 

As healthcare professionals we have to take continuing education classes every year to maintain our professional license…and let’s be honest, we’re all tired of taking the same boring classes in order to maintain our professional license!

That’s why Funny Shrink University was created. We are turning continuing education classes on their back.

As professional comedians and speakers who speak nationally on topics like suicide, HIV awareness, borderline personality disorder, depression and many other topics, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals an opportunity to receive their continuing education credits in engaging, meaningful ways.

That is why Funny Shrink University guarantees their webinars, laden with important content and theory, are also saturated with humorous antidotes and experiences that makes the courses both educational and fun!  


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